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Why choose Hairui Packaging?

  • 上海包礼品金

    Focus on packaging and printing for 20 years

    Many years of professional packaging and printing manufacturers, has a good market awareness and influence, more than 5,000 loyal partners continue to cooperate

  • 上海包装袋

    Professional r & D design, follow the trend

    Professional design team, fresh picture quality, bright color, high quality innovation, in order to adapt to the market, our design style update fast

  • 上海手提袋

    Quality service team, timely and efficient service

    There are perfect after-sales service, urgent customers urgent, encountered problems do not shirk, timely solve the problem, in the industry has a good reputation

  •  上海包礼品金


    Shanghai Hairui Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Hairui packaging products Co., Ltd. is engaged in packaging products design, printing, production and distribution of large-scale enterprises. The main business products are: Shanghai handbag, Shanghai bag, Shanghai bag gift gold and so on.


    Contact Information

    Contact person: Zhu Fahui

    Phone: 13661731979


    Address: 4999 Fujin Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai